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Robot Instruments India was established in 1982, in a small leased office in Hyderabad. Over the years we have grown and we now have a fully operational and manufacturing factory. Our Factory / Fabrication Yard and office is based in Hyderabad in India in a highly active Industrial location. Our customers and suppliers have easy access to us, due to our strategic business location.


With over 30 years of experience in supplying turn-key systems to a worldwide industry base, we have proven expertise and knowledge of Automation and Control applications. We have a proven track record of having successfully completed various Turnkey Applications of complex nature and custom build.


We have seen projects right through the project lifecycle, from concepts, initial design to procurement, engineering, implementation and procurement and supply of Instruments and integrated control panels to Installation and Commissioning stage. We have also been able to provide support and maintenance planning.

Our strengths have been the fact that we are a “Complete Solutions” company with strong technical expertise and commitment to work to the satisfaction of our customers.


Depending on your needs, we can act as a main contractor, accepting prime responsibility for the supply of entire control system or we can design, manage, supply, and commission real time automation and control system to suite your needs.


We can provide technically qualified and suitable technical Personnel to work on Plant Revamp activities based on project requirements