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Robot Instruments are one of the pioneers in the field of Process Control Instrumentation. We are a growing organization offering a range of Engineering services for Automation and Process control based Applications.


Depending on your needs, we can act as a main contractor, accepting prime responsibility for the supply of entire control system or we can design, manage, supply, and commission real time automation and control system to suite your needs.


We can provide technically qualified and professional Personnel to work on Plant Revamp activities based on project requirements.


With over 25 years of experience in supplying turn-key systems to a worldwide industry base, we have proven expertise and knowledge of Automation and Control applications.


Robot Instruments is dedicated to providing the most efficient customer support and solutions possible. Our Customer Services Team provides a comprehensive range of technical services to both Robot designed and third party supplied equipment and packages.


We have an outstanding track record of smoothly delivered projects, and our reputation is a reflection of our customer satisfaction.


Our reputation is built upon our technical expertise, professional approach and commercial integrity. Our objective is to establish equitable dealings with our Clients, to provide professional Engineering solutions to fulfill the Client Requirements and to form long-term, successful partnerships with our Clients based upon mutual respect and trust.


Robot Instruments are dedicated to providing the most efficient services, resources and solutions possible. We provide a comprehensive range of technical services to cater for Industrial Automation Systems, Control Systems, Plant Automation, Data Acquisition and optimization.


We bring considerable skill and experience to the design and implementation of process automation and control systems for applications where continuous operation and process uptime are critical to ensure maximum efficiency.


We could provide consultancy services and resources to suit your needs and to help complete your projects efficiently within timescales. We our pioneers in recruiting qualified team of technicians and engineering resources to work on challenging projects worldwide.
We propose the following advantages in using us as your contractor and supplier:

  1. Reduce Costs by almost 50% due to competitive labour and material costs.
  2. Quicker delivery of integrated control panels, supply items and pre-wired cabinets. (Yet maintaining the International Quality)
  3. Opportunity to setup an office / factory / workshop in India.
  4. Total Solutions for Process Plants from the one place – Robot Instruments.
  5. Highly experienced team of engineering personnel and technicians that would aid quick installation and commissioning.
  6. Good relationship with vendors and renowned suppliers of PLC, SCADA and field Instruments, misc raw materials and renowned manufacturers.
  7. We have complete infrastructure for Fabrication, sheet metal cutting and  Painting in-house, which will easily accommodate changes in customer design requirements even at the final stages.
We provide and undertake the following services.